Yes! We Install Aluminum Siding

You Want Your Aluminum Siding Repaired, Not a Sales Pitch on Residing Your Whole House

We feel your pain. You've probably been having a hard time finding a contractor that will just repair your existing Aluminum siding. Everyone just want's to sell you vinyl or fiber cement.

Maybe you're putting on an addition, or you have a situation like the one below, where you've removed something from your home and now there are sections that need to be resided?

Before aluminum siding repair was completed. Aluminum siding repair completed..
Bare areas show where new siding needed to be installed.
New aluminum siding patched in to old, existing siding.

Most contractors just don't want to get involved with aluminum for a few reasons:

  1. It's not cheap
  2. It's difficult to work with
  3. Many contractor's don't have any experience installing aluminum siding because it's been out of style for so long

But there are situations where it just makes more sense to stay with what you already have.

Client headshot - Ray G.
"No one wanted to repair my aluminum siding and the one guy that said he would, gave me a ridiculously expensive quote."

"We did some demo on our house that left us with 3 exterior walls that were missing large sections of siding. We couldn't believe how hard it was to find a contractor that would just patch-in some aluminum.

Everyone wanted to sell us a complete vinyl residing job, which was about 3 times what it cost us to have North East patch in new aluminum siding.

It wasn't exactly cheap because they had to special order the materials, but it was less expensive than doing the whole house... and it looks great.

They did a really good job on an old house that was not so easy to work on. Overall, I'm very pleased with the outcome and the way I was treated ."

Ray G.
Kingston, NY

If You Have a Situation Where You Think Aluminum Siding is The Best Option, Get in Touch. We'll Give You Some Honest Advice.

Tricky Installs are not a problem. We do all phases of construction. Interior, exterior, windows, decks, bathrooms and more.

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Our 5 Point Promise To You...

#1: Our insurance certificates will be in order and ready for you, quickly.

#2: Good communication, because it’s the foundation of any successful relationship, and it’s no different in the construction business.

#3: You’ll stay on schedule, because we’ll respect your timeline.

#4: We won’t cut corners. Your project will be treated as if we were working on our own homes because that's just how work should be done.

#5: An attention to detail, because in the end, we know the details are how you will judge the job when it's completed.


~Anthony Ferrara


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