You Will Love Your Newly Finished Basement! Increase your living space and enjoy your home more, without an expensive addition.

  • Guest rooms
  • Workout room / gym
  • Basement apartments
  • Entertainment area
  • Man caves
  • Femme Dens
  • Give your in-laws privacy
  • Get fit, eliminate gym membership
  • Create a rental revenue
  • Have a place for fun and games
  • Keep your husband happy
  • Keep your wife happy

Basement Apartment & Kitchen

Finished basement apartment with updated kitchen.

A private place to house guests can make a visit from family or in-laws a whole lot more enjoyable (or tolerable) for everyone. Does this really need more explaining?

House an elderly parent on a longterm basis. A basement apartment could be a great alternative to an assisted living facility.

Add a revenue stream to help offset expenses. A basement apartment can be much less costly than building an addition.  It is entirely possible that you may be able to recoup your investment in a basement apartment rather quickly, depending on the rental market in your area. If you live near a college, this might be even easier than you thought. Then there is the Air B&B phenomenon too.

Basement Entertainment Room

Finished basement entertainment room.

A fun family space can be an asset to your home and sanity, especially if you have kids. The great thing about entertainment rooms is that you will have a place to keep things that might not work so well with the decor of the rest of your house.

For example, you might not want a Ms. Pacman video game in your living room (or maybe you do, but your spouse doesn't). That very item could be an awesome addition to your basement entertainment room.

You also may not want your living area to be inundated with kids' toys. When you have a designated entertainment area, those nerf guns could stay downstairs.

Basement Workout Room

Finished basement workout room.


A place to exercise in your house can be a lifesaver, literally! You will exercise when you have a home gym, but there are more benefits too.

Think about this ...

  • No more gym membership
  • No more driving to the gym
  • Spend less on gas
  • Save time and do more by not traveling to the gym
  • Watch your kids while you exercise
  • An all-around great option for stay-at-home moms and dads

"Man Cave" or "Femme Den"


A place for the boys (or the girls). Depending on who needs it more, this can be a meaningful gift to your spouse. Having a place to retreat to and unwind can be like gold when balancing the demands of family life and work.

In recent years, we've seen women and men talk about having this sort of private space. Call it what you will, "man cave," "femme den," or even "she shed."

We can make it happen for you, whatever you want to call it. We also work with some very talented architects if you want to get crazy.

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