Convert Your Garage Into a Space That Truly Works For The Way You Live Add value, generate income, make the most of your property with a garage conversion.

  • Spare rooms
  • Exercise room / gym
  • Efficiency Apartments
  • Home theatre
  • Man caves
  • She sheds
  • More space for your guests
  • Get healthy, with your own gym
  • Create a rental revenue
  • Have a place to entertain
  • Keep your husband happy
  • Keep your wife happy
Before garage conversion After garage conversion
Before garage conversion.
After garage conversion

Garage Efficiency Apartment

Garge conversion to efficiency apartment.

Convert your garage to an efficiency apartment. This is a great way to create that extra space you may need to house guests or gain an additional revenue stream as a rental. Most garage conversions can usually pay for themselves in a few years.

If you have elderly parents, converting your garage into an apartment might be an affordable alternative to an assisted living facility. You can keep an eye on things and still allow aging parents the independence they want.



Garage To Office Conversion

Garage to office conversion

When you run a home based business, sometimes you need to get out of the house without getting out of the house.

Adding an expensive addition isn't always an affordable option, but a garage to office conversion can be.

Your electric is already going to be present, as most garages have electric service, and plumbing can easily be snaked in if required. And if you're smart about it, you could likely write the whole thing off as business expense and take a tax deduction.

Garage Guesthouse Conversion

Garage to guesthouse conversion

The beauty of having a detached, standalone garage is that it can be made into a guesthouse without losing the garage.

Much depends on the size of your garage, your requirements and your budget. Quite often, the best option is to build up and add a second story to your garage.

If you have a two bay garage, you could use one bay for living space while still keeping the other bay for your car. You also have the option of keeping one bay for a car and using the other bay for living space, while also adding a second story as pictured here.

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