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Anthony Ferrara

Anthony Ferrara, President
North East Remodeling group

"You'll speak to me, Anthony Ferrara. I'll come out to your home and spend some time with you, figure out what you need, what you like and how much you want to invest.

...No pressure or special pricing gimmicks. Just a knowledgeable contractor that likes talking to people and wants to do the right thing for you.

We'll talk. I'll answer all of your questions, (no matter how long it takes) ...and you'll be armed with lots of insight and info, so you can shop around and speak to other siding contractors."

And This is What You’ll Get

You’ll get solid product recommendations based on what we’ve learned through real world experience and customer feedback.

Once we fully understand your needs, you’ll get an exact, no obligation quote that we will honor down to the penny...

The price we quote, is always the price you pay... not a penny more.

"The most knowledgeable contractor I spoke to"
"I couldn't find anything wrong with their work. All the guys' cuts were perfect. They take their time because they're doing it right... their pricing is good. These guys do a great job."
Robert F.
Westchester, NY
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