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...You'll Have a 50 Year, GAF Guaranteed Roofing System Because We're Certified

Our 4 Point Promise To You...

#1: We promise to be your ally, discuss all of your options, and happily give you unbiased advice to help you shop for the right contractor.

#2: We promise to install your roof the right way, to the strictest manufacturer’s specifications. (You’d be surprised how many roofing companies don’t do this.)

#3: We promise you'll get courteous service from all of the guys on our team. And there will never be any smoking or foul language.

#4: We promise to show up when we're supposed to (not before or after), do what we say, and to communicate with you effectively.


~Anthony Ferrara

"I learned that I like good service"
"...I’d say Anthony is professional, he is thorough, he is a good communicator, he’s affordable and reasonable. But he doesn’t undercut or undervalue his work and he’s not out of touch with reality. Plus his team was friendly and polite."
Kelly Ramno
Lagrangeville, NY

Protect Your Home and Have Peace of Mind With a New Roof... and Stop Worrying About Your Old Roof That May Start Leaking at Any Moment

  • The best roofing products to fit your style and your budget.
  • Beautiful installations that exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • ...And you'll get a sharp team of roofing contractors that have the experience to deliver a weather-tight installation every time.

We Use Only The Highest Quality, Weather-Tested Materials, Guaranteed to Protect Your Investment...

For most roofing jobs we'll use GAF products because we're GAF certified, and that enables us to offer a comprehensive 50 year warranty, which covers the entire roofing system...

GAF Lifetime Roofing System

It's more than the shingles that are under warranty, it's what's underneath them, and the labor to replace as well.

Get the complete run down of what's covered under the GAF Warranty.

  • Get a 50yr warranty because we're factory authorized GAF installers
  • We can also use other shingle brands, if required...
  • Using the industry’s most trusted brands: CertainTeed, Owens and Corning, and of course GAF
  • Architectural asphalt shingles
  • Traditional 3 tab, asphalt shingles
  • Rubber roofs, Mule-Hide® roof accessories - EPDM

Save Money on Skylight Installation
When You're Having Your Roof Replaced

If you've ever wanted more natural light in your home, skylights are a stylish option. And the most cost effective time to install skylights is when you’re replacing the roof.

Stylish solar blinds add ambiance and keep the hot air outside.

A skylight in the shower is just plain cool.

Solar powered skylights that close by themselves at the first sign of rain.

Ask about modern skylight installation.

"My roof looks great, and I was very happy start to finish…”

"My roof was at the point where it was tarped because it was leaking, missing shingles, etc., so I had a lot of questions. The roof was being done on a house I don’t currently live in so I also had concerns about not being able to monitor the progress of the work.

Overall everything about having them do the work was great! They were very professional. Like I mentioned before I was not onsite. But my property was clean when they finished. And I spoke with neighbors after, who told me they were not disturbed by the work being done.”

Vanessa Cerny
Kerhonkson, NY

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We’ve Done Roof Installations For Some of
The Most Respected Hudson Valley Businesses in The Region

Contractors Always Say They do a Better Job Than The Other Guy, so We’ll Spare You... Instead We’ll Just Explain Some of The Extra Measures we Take and You Can Judge for Yourself

Driving Rain Protection:

Most roofers install ice and water underlayment 3ft off the eaves. We install 6ft off all eaves, and 18 inches up all rakes and around all vents and penetrations (skylights, chimneys & exhaust fans, etc.)

This gives you added protection from driving rain coming from left or right side. If water should ever get under the drip edge or shingle, it's protected with extra ice and water underlayment.

High Wind Protection & Proper Nail Length:

Most manufacturers recommend using 1 ½ nails in the northeast, and that's exactly what we use every day, so you get better protection from wind. Yet, it's amazing how many roofing contractors cut corners and use the 1 ¼, or smaller nails to save a buck at the customer's expense. Over time, expansion and contraction will cause short nails to work themselves out. The result is premature failure.

Vent Pipe Leak Protection:

Roof vent pipes need to be sealed properly to prevent leakage. A pipe boot makes a watertight seal around each vent. We've found that the plastic pipe boots just don't withstand the elements as well as the metal ones. They also tend to crack when the fasteners penetrate the boot.

Plastic boots are cheaper and many contractors do use them, but we never do because we've seen too many failures.

Cleaner Lines and Tighter Seal

Many contractors try to save a buck by not using a drip edge up the "roof rakes."

It's one of those things that's not absolutely required, but we do it anyway because it gives a nice clean look and ensures a tighter seal to the roof deck around the edges of the roof.

A Thorough Cleanup

We always say that you get a bonus landscaping cleanup when getting your roof done. We protect the grounds and the existing landscaping with plywood and tarps.

When your roof is completed, we blow any debris off your roof with air, so your new investment looks really sharp.

Before we leave, we'll rake all of the tarped areas and sweep all around the house, sidewalks, decks and patios with a magnet to get any stray nails.

Lastly, we'll give your gutters a thorough cleaning to ensure proper drainage.

When You Contact Us,
This is What You Can Expect

Anthony Ferrara, President
North East Remodeling group

"You'll speak to me, Anthony Ferrara. I'll come out to your home and spend some time with you, figure out what you need, what you like and how much you want to invest.

...No pressure or special pricing gimmicks. Just a knowledgeable contractor that likes talking to people and wants to do the right thing for you.

We'll talk. I'll answer all of your questions, (no matter how long it takes) ...and you'll be armed with lots of insight and info, so you can shop around and speak to other roofing contractors."

And This is What You’ll Get

You’ll get solid product recommendations based on what we’ve learned through real world experience and customer feedback.

Once we fully understand your needs, you’ll get an exact, no obligation quote that we will honor down to the penny...

The price we quote, is always the price you pay... not a penny more.

"The most knowledgeable contractor I spoke to"
"I couldn't find anything wrong with their work. All the guys' cuts were perfect. They take their time because they're doing it right... their pricing is good. These guys do a great job."
Robert F.
Westchester, NY

Get Some Peace of Mind
With a Durable New Roof That’s Guaranteed to Last
...Installed by a Factory Certified GAF Contractor

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