Snow Removal Services (For Highland NY, Gardiner, New Paltz Area)

Contact Anthony Ferrara, to get your residential driveway or commercial parking lot plowed. 

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Commercial Snow Removal

If you have a small to medium size commercial lot and you need a reliable snow removal contractor to keep your lot safe for your customers and employees, I can help you.

Contracts are usually negotiated in the fall, but sometimes things happen and you find out that the snow contractor you hired didn't fulfill his promise. Feel free to contact me and I may be able to fit you in.

Contracts are flexible. We can work out an arrangement that works for all parties.

  • I offer seasonal contracts where fixed payments are made monthly. Your out of pocket expenses for plowing, sanding and salting are fixed regardless of the number of snow and ice events we have.
  • I also offer plowing on "per push" or "per sand/salt" event basis. This arrangement can work out nicely for some businesses. However, the downside is that it can also be a costly approach if we have a particularly heavy snow season.

Residential Snow Plowing

If you live full-time upstate or you have a second home here in the Highland/ Gardiner area, you will need your driveway plowed and possibly sanded and or salted at times.

Even if you don't use your property much, service vehicles will need to get in. It can be a real problem if an oil company refuses delivery because your driveway is a mess.

I offer full plowing and snow removal services for residential driveways, as well as snow shoveling for walkways. 

Contracts for residential accounts can be flexible, where you are billed monthly on a per service basis. I also offer seasonal contacts at a fixed rate regardless of the number of snow and ice events. Seasonal contracts are usually locked-in during the fall.

Snow Plowing is Not a Commodity

A lot of people think that snow plowing is just snow plowing and anybody can do it. While it may be true that anyone could slap a plow on their truck and call themselves a professional, not all all "professionals" really know what they are doing.

It takes a lot of years of plowing to understand the nuances of how to plow so you don't damage people's property. It's equally important to understand when not plow, so you don't make a mess of a soft driveway or someone's lawn.

There are also times when an experienced snow and ice contractor knows that it would be best to sand and salt beforehand to avoid problems that the customer may not anticipate.

If you want the benefits of hiring a seasoned professional to service your property, then you and I might be a good fit and you should get in touch.

If you think that hiring a snow removal contractor is just a matter of hiring a guy who will do it for the least amount of money, you may end up buying yourself a costly education.

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